Natomy & Physiology II Case Study: Barack Obama & Smoking

BIO 202 Anatomy and Physiology Case Study Directions

 Body of Paper: Discuss the phenomenon of your case in anatomical/physiological terms as if you were explaining them to someone who is intelligent but knows little about anatomy and physiology. Discuss the effects of your topic on cells, tissues, organs and organ systems primarily as they relate to this semester (i.e. organ systems covered during this semester). You MUST include the basic normal structure/functions of each system mentioned in your paper to be able to explain what is occurring physiologically and anatomically with this case.

Basic themes to address:
” 1. What major systems are involved?
” 2. For each system:
 A. explain how a normal system works  comparing a normal system with how it works in your case in terms of structure (anatomy) and function of each system mentioned. Be careful to describe and define basic anatomy and physiology terms and structures.
 B. Explain what happens at the cell/tissue/organ levels to cause the manifestations seen in the current case
” 3. Explain how the systems you discussed are interrelated. Look at the big picture  how does each phenomenon affect the ENTIRE body (remember  it all works together)

Your bibliography must follow APA format and must be alphabetized. Note: Journal articles that happen to be available online are NOT considered internet sources.
-Your paper must have citations within the text.
Plasma Membranes are gatekeepers of the cell (Marieb, 2008).
According to Marieb (2008), plasma membranes are gatekeepers of the cell.

Case study Subject:
Barack Obama & Smoking
Systems I must cover: Endocrine system
Reproductive system

Under each system my paper should be broken down into 4 sections with the following subtitles:
1) What is the __________ system and what is its function.
2) Smoking and the __________ system.
3) Predictable results if Obama should quit smoking. (pertaining to that system)
4) How does the __________ system interrelate with other systems?

**4 pages, single spaced per each system
No cover page, abstract or introduction