Naylses of Ishıguras The Remains of the Daythrough the issues of Stevens roles, persona,repression,deception and self deceit

A well organized essay should be written. The Remains of the Day should be analysed according 1-Stevens roles; his role in his life and mostly as a butler and his lack of communication with the other world because of his proffesionalism, the issue of dignity.
2-Persona; his connection with the outside world, with Miss Kenton and out of Darlington Hall such as his trying to make jokes that he learned from the radio programme
3-Repressive;His repressive feelings
4-Deception and Self deceit; The points that he refects the realities, his denails such as he refuses that he worked for Mr.Darlington, his belief of serving his master and his friends helps saving Europe,he thinks he is politicaly an important person.The points where the role of self deception is important.
This four issue should be analyse in an order and each issue should be analyse in seperated paragraphs. Quataions sholud be so less and the parts such as (day two morning,day four afternoon etc. )and pages should be given. These explanations are just examples that my proffesor mentioned and you should analyse themin detail but add more supporting examples thats so important.