Nayse how language is used in a couple of texts( opening pages of Gone with the wind and Romeo and Juliet

The following sub-heading should be included in corsework : 1.Introduction and description( nice begining ,something about the authors of the books, what was the time ,when they were first published, how books are built,what is going to be my main suppose and arguments,what differences are between the language,the style of each book). 2.Lexis and punctuation( the differences,the orgins of words,that kind of words they use then and what we use now. 3.Syntax 4.Phonology 5.Sematics 6.Grammar 7.Graphology 8.Evaluation 9.Bibliography

Assessment Objectives:
1.Apply and explore frameworks for the systematic study of language at a different levels,commenting on usefulness of the approaches taken. 2.Communicate clearly the knowledge ,understanding and insight appropriate to the study of language ,using appropriate terminology and accurate and coherent written expression.3. Understand,discuss and explore concepts and issues relating to langue use.
I attached the opening pages of those two books that should be compared
Internet and any others that can support this coursework,maybe 3 or 4