NC machines(Fundamentals and Applications)

For this report I want to have an overview on Typical CNC machines, about fundamentals and applications of CNC machines.
I attached very useful file for the writer and explain in each section all materials which I need.
Also I attached some references which could help the writer to achieve best job.
The expert writer in CNC machines filed required who can change those material which are have problems in the attached file,but not change all of the material.It means those title or description which are have mistakes should be change.
In addition the writer must summarizing attached file to 3750 words.
In the whole of the report please have focus on the both 3 and 5 axis machines, this is so important, so please provide a excellent relation between the materials and 3 and 5 axis machines.
The attached file mostly is from 1 book, but the materials in the attached file can find in other books easily so for better referencing,the writer should find those material in other book in the way the final report have more than 10 references.
Report need abstract and conclusion which are should prepare with the writer, this part is so important and the writer should be in touch with me for these two sections.
In totally ,the most requirements are reword and revise the attach file,because the attached file mostly include searched material without any change,so this is all copy from those sources ,so because of the plagiarism issue, it must be change in the best way.
Writer must avoid any plagiarism issue.
writer must be expert in CNC machines field.
Harvard method require for referencing.
If writer find any useful figure or table or picture,please attach in report with referencing and his/her description.
I explained some critical point in first of the attached file,so please writer should read that first.
So follow the attach file carefully.
Most of the words in this current report will be attached to the
Appendix section in my original report,but avoid any plagiarism issue and have perfect relation between titles,in the way I can use some of them in my original report and some of them in the appendix section( subtitles will be attached more in the appendix section,the headers is for original report)
Best Luck.
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