NC Summer School Project Briefing (Mechanical Engineering)

Project Selection

The subject of your project must be relevant to your course of study which will be Aeronautical or Mechanical Engineering. You Must have the agreement of your Project Supervisor regarding the content of your project. You should send your supervisor an Abstract (a single page synopsis) of your intended project so that a negotiation can begin and approval given for the project. The Abstract will be marked as part of the assessment.

Suitable subjects for a project may include a report on a a?Work Placementa such as those undertaken by French students in IUTas or on something you are personally interested in. These can be adaptations of work that you may have already done or are currently undertaking. They cannot be direct translations of work that you have previously undertaken.

Project Implementation

An HNC Project can involve various processes such as:

* Manufacturing Productivity

* Statistical Analysis

* Mechanical Analysis such as Statics & Dynamics, Fluid flow, Aerodynamics, FEA and CFD

*Note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other processes that may be suitable including a completely theoretical investigation as long as it is relevant to your course of study.

Your Project should contain various assessable elements such as:

* Introduction

* Background Information

* Analysis of problem

* Investigate and choose from a number of possible solutions

* Design/develop solution based on previous investigation

* Evaluate/Test /Modify design

* Conclusions of work that was undertaken

* Further work which might improve on what was done

Project Report

The following guidelines should be observed for the presentation of your Project Report. The report should contain at least 6000 words. Thatas about 20 pages of 11-12 point font using single or 1 A? line spacing. You may use larger fonts only for Headings and Sub-Headings. Your report should also contain additional material such as charts, graphs, data tables, illustrations, photographs, etc. Do not use coloured or fancy fonts in your report. This is a serious document and should appear to be so. Recommended fonts are Arial, Times or Times New Roman. The elements discussed above i.e. Introduction, background information, etc. can be used to inform the layout of the report into suitable sections or chapters. Chapter sectioning in a technical document can often improve its readability and make it easier to reference. The standard way of doing this is in the example provided below.

Chapter 3. Using a mouse

3.1. Basic mouse actions sect1

3.1.1 Left button subsect1

3.1.2 Right button subsect2 Context menus sub-subsect1

3.2. Selecting sect2

3.2.1 Click and drag

3.2.2 Double click

There are variations in style in sectioning, sub-sectioning a document and the way you do it may vary from the above example.

Having sectioned the document it is now very easy to make a a?Table of Contentsa at the beginning of the report to enable the reader to gain quick access to any part of the document. Marks will be awarded for presentation as well as the contents of your report.

When writing reports in English it is normal to write impersonally and in the past tense

i.e. a?something was donea rather than a?I did somethinga. Your Project Supervisor will however take into account and make allowance for the fact that English is not your first language.

You may use small sections of text that you found in a book or on the internet but if you do so you must reference it. Sections of text which were not written by you and are not referenced may be taken as plagiarism and could result in the disqualification of the whole document. It is very easy for your tutor to discover work that he suspects was not written by you using various software tools which search the internet for strings of text. It is usual to use a form of referencing known as the Harvard Referencing system. Examples of Harvard referencing can be widely found on the internet.

Remember that your report is to be written entirely in English. Sometimes project reports contain charts, graphs etc. which contain foreign languages. Your tutor will deduct marks from you if he finds that you have done this. You must modify this work so that it only contains English Words.