Ncient Africa and Andrea Primary Sources

DUE DATE: 04/15/2014!

Based upon your readings in both the Duiker and Andrea textbooks and eCore course material each student should contribute a post that chronicles medieval changes in Africa or discussions of geographical features which affected continental societies. Pay special attention to those developments chronicled in the primary sources in Andrea you were to read for this lesson.


Heres the list of primary sources from the Andrea/Overfield reader for this unit:
a?The Land of Zanj: Tenth-Century East Africa a ¦Abul-Hasan Ali al-Masudi, Meadows of Gold

a?The Land of Ghana: Eleventh-Century Western Sudan a ¦Abu Ubaydallah al-Bakri, The Book of Routes and Realms

a?The Land of Seyon: Fourteenth-Century Ethiopia
a?A Yoruba Woman of Authority?

Draw your information from these readings. Remember-be thinking about these questions:

How did medieval Africa change over time?

How did geographical features play a role in the continental success of Africa? In other words, how does geography affect history for this region?