Ncient and Islamic Civilization in the Middle East

Book Review 750 words
i. Review the book by Amin Maalouf, The Crusades Through Arab Eyes
The essential points to cover are listed below (1-5).
ii. Be sure your review addresses these points. Additional material or insights may also be included.
iii. Support your answers with quotations or references, with page numbers, from the book under review.
iv. references in book reviews normally are simply the page number in parentheses because the publication details are already known (Give the author and title of book at the top of paper, as a title).

1. Give a brief summary of the historical events covered in the book. Be sure to identify the plot or storyline and themes of the book. Compare the different sections in the book. What were the most effective or memorable passages in the book?
2. Identify the evidence or sources used by the author. What problems did the author confront making a historical narrative from these sources?
3. The book provides a picture of Arab-Muslim society and politics in the relevant era. Identify the important characteristics of these with examples.
4. What were the most important transformations brought to Islamic and/or Western cultures depicted in the book?
5. Identify the thesis of the book. What question does it set out to answer? How effectively does it answer the question?