Ncient and Post Modern eras development of events/Supply and demand factors in UK

1500 word individual essay to be submitted in two parts at the same time. Question:this is one peace of work so it must gather together and answer these questions.And its also about events development and historical fact in UK.

Part one: Provide a timeline of the historical development of the events industry from the pre-historic to the post modern era. i chose two eras:Ancient and modern eras of events development in united kingdom.explain the event developments in greater detail. 750 words.

Part two: Identify and explain key supply and demand factors that underpin the events industry in the United Kingdom, and discuss one force or trend within the present day event industry and its likely impact on these factors 750 words).

Hi, me and my friend are from the same university and she is ordering the same work from this website, i would like to make sure they are totally different.
Also i would like you to take 2-3 references from these books: Glenn Bowdin Events management3rd edition and Joe Goldblatt special events6rd edition. Also i would like you to use 5-6 references from e-journals and other journals. I would like to get all book and journal titles, from where you used information.
in introduction you must mention all eras and supply and demand factors in the events.then in first paragraph talk about 1 question and two chosen the second paragraph talk about second question.And in the conclusion you must gather 2 questions together.if you have any questions please send email.

extra info:
The learning outcomes assessed in this assignment include the studentas ability to:

a? Describe the evolution and characteristics of the events industry;
a? Identify and describe critical factors in the supply and demand for events;
a? Identify the range of stakeholders and their impact upon events;
a? Outline the characteristics of multi-faceted events operations and management in destinations; and
a? Identify and develop future global career opportunities in the events industry.