Ncient Chinese(east asian) political thoughts, Confucius, Mencius

Ill upload the lecture notes after I submit the order and they can be pretty useful as a guide. Here is the prompt:

Please choose and respond to only ONE of the following prompts.
1. Explain five concepts relevant to East Asian political thought. (sources: lectures, Yao)
2. Explain the significance of the family in East Asian thought. (sources: lectures, Yao)
3. Explain the what, where, why, and how of proper order. (sources: lectures, Yao)
4. Explain how Mencius shaped the East Asian conception of human nature. (sources:
lectures, Yao)
5. Explain the East Asian conception of (a) hierarchy and (b) leadership. (sources: lectures,
6. Explain Confucius. (sources: lectures, Yao) (yes, explain Confucius)
7. Explain the Dao, Chi, YangYin, and their significance (sources: lectures, Yao)

Dear writer please write 6 full pages this is very important. Thanks a lot!