Ncient Greece in the Mediterranean World

Hello, this is the prompt for the assignment.

When we speak of Ancient Greece we tend to focus on Athens and its legacies in art, philosophy, and science that are extended to us across the centuries. However, Athens was only one aspect of a wider Mediterranean world. Write a 2-3 page review essay using the selected articles that describes how the Ancient Greeks fit in the economic system of the Mediterranean world during the first millennium B.C.E. Address the following topics in your essay: What were the other important civilizations in the eastern Mediterranean? What significant social, cultural, or political changes facilitated the Greeksa ascendance to a position of dominance?

The two articles are PDF documents that I will be uploading to my panel, these are the only two sources I really need.

These are the instructions from the professor:
This assignment will be graded according to the incorporation of content from the assigned article, depth of analysis, and compositional quality and style. The grammar and style of the essay must meet the expected standards for college-level writing