Ncillary 3, Argument & Analysis Exploratory Essay (1), MLA Format, 3-4 pages due 9/25/14

a?Fear Factoriesa? by Matthew Scully introduces us into the world of modern food production by explaining how inhumane factory farming practices (CAFOs) dominate the industrial food system. Much like Wendell Berryas a?The Pleasures of Eating,a? both essays provide us with information regarding how food is produced. According to Berry, just knowing the techniques of farming and food production safeguard consumers from unhealthy and unethical purchases. How might these essays relate to the film Food, Inc.? What threads do you see that you might want to explore further? Why might these texts be important?

Explore an aspect of each the above texts that the texts that you find interesting, intriguing, moving, confusing, compelling, frustrating, or challenging. Although this paper is not thesis driven, I urge you to come up with one controlling a?idea.a? As you watched the film and read the scholarly texts, I urged you to note issues you would like to know more about. Approach exploration papers through questioning. For example, Food, Inc. poses numerous questions regarding the organic market such as: How can consumers trust these companies and the regulatory agencies to maintain the integrity of the organic label? Are animals merely products or bar codes (as in the Food, Inc. logo)? So far, whatas your understanding of Food Safety, Kevinas Law, HFCS, BPI, Smithfield, Corn subsidies and Chicken Factories, etc.? These questions function as your controlling idea for further investigation, no?

FYI: View these ancillaries/explorations as your attempt to discover the answers to your questions or to your views on an issue. Hopefully, these discoveries will lay the groundwork and provide a focus for your final paper. I do expect you to demonstrate analytical and critical engagement with the material. Because these papers are your personal explorations on a subject/issue, a path to discovering your perspectives as well as the significance of your findings, feel free to use a?Ia? in your writing.
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