Ncryption of data in transit and data at rest.

The topic of the research paper will be on a type of countermeasure that can be used to help protect networks, systems, and the data contained within, both at rest and in transit. The research paper will discuss the various types of encryption that can/should be employed on networks and systems, to include IPSec, SSH, SSL/TLS, and types of full disk encryption.
Please follow the attached outline as closely as possible.
1. 8-10 pages (double-spaced) Times New Roman 12 pt font.
2. The topic of the paper is: The use of encryption as a countermeasure.
3. Use at least five references.
4. In addition to the required number of pages for the assignment, you must also Include a reference page (bibliography), written in APA style and a title page. Be sure to give all of your paper a descriptive title!
5. Typewritten in double-spaced format with a readable style and font.
6. Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations
7. Paraphrases of othersa work must include attributions to the authors. Limit quotations to an average of no more than 3-5 lines, and use quotations sparingly! It is always better to paraphrase than to directly quote.