Nd AmendmentThesis supporting the fact that gun control does not reduce violence

Here is how it might look:

Topic: the death penalty

Question: whether the death penalty is effective (I must also be specific--effective against WHAT?)

Thesis: The death penalty is not a deterrent against first degree (1) murder

Dependent data: 1 murder rates for states with and without the death penalty (plus any other pertinent dependent data). I cannot change this data--it exists and I simply observe/record.

Independent data: there would be none in this case unless something was being introduced to affect the murder rates/deterrence

Null hypothesis: The death penalty is a deterrent against 1 murder (i.e. the data shows the rates are lower in states with the death penalty).

Please notea the null hypothesis may not be this simple! (i.e. the direct opposite of the thesis statement). It may be more subtle, like There is no distinctive difference between the two samples”...

To complete this research paper, you should:

Select a current constitutional issue and have it approved by your instructor.

Research the provision(s) of the United States Constitution that are at the heart of the issue.

Research any federal or state statutes that impact this issue.

Research previous decisions of the United States Supreme Court that impact this issue.

Search for any pending case(s) before the U.S. Supreme Court that may involve this issue.

Based on your research, determine what should be the solution of this constitutional issue.

Consider social policy implications of your solution.

Write a paper explaining the issue, your proposed outcome, the social policy implications of your solution, and the research that supports your outcome.

Your paper must include:

A cover page


Clear statement of the constitutional issue

Discussion of your research

Clear statement of your proposed solution, with supporting argument

Discussion of social policy implications of your solution

Reference page, using APA style

The text of this paper should be at least 3,750 words or fifteen computer-generated/typewritten double-spaced pages long. You must demonstrate that you understand the terminology and the concepts used in constitutional law, and how constitutional provisions, statutes, and case decisions are interrelated. You must demonstrate that you can synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information. You must use correct APA format in source citations in both the body of the paper and in the reference page.