Nd of Course Assignment. Financial Markets and Risk

Approximate number of sources 10, could be more or less. The following sources have to be used (if used any other source (website or book) please make sure its published in the UK if a book, or has a web link):

Anwar, Y. (2012) Managing systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) [pdf]. Available at: review/r140515b.pdf [Accessed: 29 August 2014].

Dudley, W. C. (2013) Ending too big to fail [online]. Available at: /uk/publications/Documents/speeches/2012/speech615.pdf [Accessed: 29 August 2014].

Ingves, S. (2012) SIFIs: is there a need for a specific regulation on systematically important financial institutions? [online]. Available at: sp120120.htm [Accessed: 29 August 2014].

Taylor, M. (2011) Dismantle the bloated giants. Financial World [online], April.