Nd of Life Care: Allowing Euthanasia for Terminally Ill Patients

My current thesis that needs revision : The increasing controversy over end of life medical care practices has become an argument between healthcare policy and ethical or moral beliefs. Terminally ill patients with no relief or subsiding of pain, or a diminishing quality of life with no cure should have choices medically in how they carry out the remainder of their life.

Directions: Present a revised thesis statement on the question you are discussing.
Identify, explain, and apply the core principles of at least two ethical theories to draw specific moral conclusions about the question you are discussing.
Present your own reasoning on the question you are discussing and explain which of the ethical theories best supports your own view on the issue.

Added on 11.02.2015 02:27
This is an essay, pro euthanasia especially for terminally ill patients and two ethical theories that support euthanasia, utilitarianism and virtue ethics. I would like to use 6 sources instead of the original 4 that I requested because I think it will be easier to write with 6 sources. I attached the overview, instructions, and sources required for the paper. Please contact me with any questions, at anytime.