Nd of Life Care Issues with Decision Making by Healthcare proxy or Advance directives

Research Paper Guidelines

Write about the current issue/problem of end of life care issues with health care proxy from the perspective of a Health Administrator grappling with the issue/problem. Write 8-10 double-spaced pages for the length of your paper. Cite appropriate research and/or literature.

1. Introduction and purpose of paper 5%

i) Legal and ethical challenge facing Health Administrators with end of life care issues

2. Describe the issue/problem and how it poses a challenge for Health Administrators.
Provide background/analysis on the issue/problem. 35%

ii) legally and ethically a problem of end of life care issues with decision making by health proxies (advance directives): the burden on providers with rare cases that plan to be kept alive in vegetative state (cost), 50% would love to die at home only 15% do so, the need for advance care planning with families (ie. problem.
Focus on the role of the Health Administrator in addressing the issue(s). 35%

i) Strategies and recommendations for addressing health care proxy decision making
(1) For example, support structure, need for ethic consultation or palliative care team (institutional ethical committee), End-of-life planning needs to 1) ensure that patients and families clearly understand the health condition, 2) design a plan around the patientas beliefs and values, 3) store the plan in a rapidly retrievable format throughout the health system, and 4) have systemwide commitment in honoring the plan (Simcic K, Carter F, Brasic G, Hammes B, Perkins H. Cant We Improve on Advance Directives?. Annals Of Internal Medicine [serial online]. March 4, 2008;148(5):405-406. Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed March 23, 2012.)
iv) Relate the Terri Schiavo case study

4. Summary/conclusions and any recommendations or future trends 5%

i) what is your stance and how would you present a case for end of life issues with health care proxies
ii) what is your stance and how would you present a case for Terri Schiavo

5. Writing/APA Format. 20%

In the area of Ethics and Law, you might write about institutional ethics committees and ethical decision making, or some other legal and ethical challenge facing Health Administrators, such as end of life care.