Nd Of Studies Internship / Applied Research Dissertation : Credit Suisse Private Banking, Paris, France.

As For the previous order 1068408, I would like the writer to change the topic that he has proposed for my Applied Research Dissertation knowing that it has not been validated by my dissertation supervisor: I got the answer only today !

In fact, the supervisor told me that I was NOT answering to the following questions:

a?First, ask yourself the following question: what do you want to prove through your research?
Second, find the research topic (aligned with the companys sector of activity and with your mission as an intern) before the problematic,
Third, the topic you are very much motivated to research on (you are goind to spend a few months working on it),”

a!  You should thus focus more on the Private Banking Aspect of Credit Suisse and more specifically on my mission with the company which revolves around Portfolio and Asset Management of our important clients base, focusing on subscription orders, wire transfers and wealth management. I am also frequently conducting Client Relationship Management by making research on our customers in order to know if they have been involved in suspicious activities or not.

Furthermore, I will also be working in the coming month with the Trading service in order to conduct financial analysis of stocks and financial markets, proposing to our customers the best way to invest their wealth and enhance thus it. The topic thus to be presented and chosen should be in line with my mission within Credit Suisse Paris , France.

I am also working closely with wealth management companies forwarding us their clients expectations and requirements such as Neuflize OBC, Rotschild, Georges V Asset Management among others.
Clients expectations are for example: buying and selling equity mutual funds / Wire transfers to compensate for any deficit a¦

Here are the main tasks that I am currently performing:

1. Entry of transfer orders and subscriptionsa?
2. Monitoring of accountsa activity: data compilation and statistical monitoring
3. Administrative Support, maintenance and filing, sending documents to clients

The previous topic proposed by the writer was too wide and focused on the Banking sector in general while it should be more specifically focused on Private Banking and Wealth Management. We are currently, at Credit Suisse Paris, skimming our customer base to focus on wealthy ones starting from a wealth of 2 MILLIONS EUROS both in cash and assets.

I remind you the structure to be respected for this problematic proposal :

1. Theme

2. Cores Issue

3. Justification

P.S. : I have uploaded again the instructions of the Applied Research Dissertation provided by the school which have to be respected.