Nd Year Undergraduate International Marketing Report

International Marketing HND 2nd Year
Pirilla PLC is a newly formed firm based in Scotland specialising in the manufacture of snow scooters
Currently the firm is not yet operational but hope to become fully functional by the end of October 2006
Pirilla can produce and offer 2 types of snow scooters 1) The basic Pirr MX105 125cc and 2) the deluxe pirr mx205 400cc

The deluxe model is enhanced with extra features and is more expensive than the basic model see below The deluxe model is also much faster with a top speed of 45.6 miles per hour. The basic model can reach speeds of just under 30 miles per hour
Both models will be available in the following colours. Yellow black silver red green and blue. Furthermore both models have an identical fuel capacity of 30 litres petrol powered
The marginal cost of producing a Pirr 125cc is 6450 pounds and the marginal cost of producing a Pirr 400cc is 8990 pounds
The firm had initially considered to market both scooters in Scotland However after carrying out a feasibility study, Pirrilla are now having some problemsin determining their precise marketing actions.
The board have nevertheless decided to market the scooters outside the national market and are considering entering the following countries: Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland Russia and Luxemburg.

However due to Pirillas limited financial resources, they are unable to penetrate the abovementioned markets simultaneously. There are indications that the firm can afford to enter only two countries for the time being.
You have been commissioned by Pirrilla who are seeking your advice on the following:
1) Whether it would be a good idea to go international. State the likely pros and coms of going international. Also advise which two countries should be chosen for possible trade from the aforementioned selection. If you think the firm will have improved trading opportunities by entering a country not mentioned above you may provide an alternative recommendation
2) who is likely to purchase such products (target marget)
3) How many units should be produced for each model. You should also advise on feasible sales in identified countries. Provide a rationale for your suggestions
4) the pricing strategy to be implemented. the report should provide details on how much each model should be priced at in the different countries. Justify your recommendations
5) How is the product going to reach the customer? Identify possible distribution channels
6) What advertising/promotion channels should be considered for each country
7) suggest the timing of entry to new markets

You must draw up a marketing report which is addressed to the management of Pirilla PLC
Please note this should be in report format commonly used in marketing in the UK
standard referencing used in UK universities