Nding the War on Drugs Beginning on the Front lines: Colombia

Here is the actual assignment.
You are to create both of the following components:
1) Annotated Bibliography (3-5 pages) (Due by April 23, 2012)
2) Final Report (5-7 pages) (Due by May 7, 2012)
The topic: Ending the War on Drugs Beginning on the Front lines: Colombia.
*fact: 90% of all the cocaine in NYC comes from Colombia.
This week President Obama and Sec. of State Clinton will be visiting Cartagena, Colombia for the 6th Summit of the Americas. One of the major topics on the agenda will be the War on Drugs and the development of new security initiatives and development strategies.
The assignment is to End the war on drugsstarting in Colombia by using Hip Hop, technology, and cultural industries.
To accomplish the assignment you must:
1) research past policies related to the priorities of hemispheric and regional security initiatives.
2) understand the specific challenges in Colombia since the death of Pablo Escobar.
3) use your Hip Hop knowledge that you accumulated over the semester to develop sustainable grassroots strategies that provide for both security and development.
*use google translate to assist you with any spanish articles that you find*
*if you do not know what an annotated bibliography is, investigate that first*
Part 1: Questions to assist you with the annotated bibliography:
What is the war on drugs?
What is Plan Colombia?
What is Plan Mexico?
What is CARSI (Central American Regional Security Initiative)?
How has Hip Hop been used thus far in Colombia and throughout the Americas?