Nergy and/or power (e.g. solar, wireless power transfer, transformers, wind generation, etc.)

1. Abstract (3-5 sentences maximum).
2. Introduction (what you are going to say; usually 1-2 paragraphs)
3. Body of report (what you are saying)
4. Summary and Conclusions (summarize major points of what you said; 1 paragraph)
5. References (proper credit must be given to information sources)

Note a€ Each paragraph needs to begin with a clear topic sentence. The paragraph should build upon this one idea (or group of related ideas) and not deviate.

REQUIRED Report Format Specifics:
a€? Reports must be typed (word processor) using 12 point Times New Roman font
a€? A title and your name must appear at the top of the first page
a€? Use double spacing and 1a€� margins on all sides
a€? 5 page minimum excluding references (of these 5 pages, no more than 2 pages of illustrations/figures)
a€? All illustrations/figures should be located at the end of the report and have appropriate captions or titles, and each must be referenced within the body of the report. You can cut/paste figures if needed.
a€? References to a book, article, news story etc. must be indicated by a number in brackets within the body of the report, and the full reference given at the end of the report . You must use (not just list) at least 4 references.
a€? You must provide the source of any figures you acquire, e.g. from the internet.