Nergy efficient refurbishment of industrial buildings

the literature review should be an overview of other energy efficient refurbishment cases of industrial buildings. What the others have done to optimise the building fabrick and the HVAC systems. It is only concearning the building and not the process energy efficiency of the industries. Critically discuss their work and find any gaps. This is a part of my dissertation, where later on, I will do a refurbishment in an existing industrial building.So, a gap could possible be: that they hadnt prioritised the refurbishment steps according to their contribution to energy efficiency or carbon reduction, or that they hadnt taken into account the cost, or they hadnt examined the comfort conditions after the refurbishment..(Just an idea, I dont know yet!!) The refurbishment that I will later do will be done with dynamic thermal modelling, so if you want to discuss also the way that they did it feel free!

Referencing Requirements:
I would like only articles to be used for the literature review and not books. Page number next to the citation needs to be written.