Nergy from Municipal Solid Waste in the U.k

I am a mechanical engineering student and my project is Energy from Municipal Solid Waste in the u.k. My project is not purely engineering based but there are 10% marks for the technical aspect of it. DO NOT write about what is municipal solid waste,waste hierarchy or any history. There has to be a detailed PESTLE analysis conducted. PESTLE analysis should cover each aspect in great detail. I would also like something innovative or unique towards the end of the project as there are a high amount of marks awarded for originality and not just copying information from online. Please also write about the potential of waste(if all is used 2 create energy) and its comparisons to other methods of energy generation. I would also like to have two case studies in the project. One can be any particular project in the u.k. The second one an analysis and comparison with another country(preferably an EU country). A literary review is also required and a very good conclusion. The project is flexible so you can contact me if you want to add something extra or have any other ideas. It is very important that the dissertation is submitted within 10 days as I will miss my submission otherwise.
Thank You