Nergy Policy and Its Effect on the Global Environment: Energy Use, Ethics, and Global Climate Change

Write a term paper covering energy policy on the global, international, national, regional, state, and local levels. Include the scientific, social, economic, and ethical aspects of developing a sustainable way of life. On a global level, touch on the science of climate change, global warming, the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases/CO2, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UNFCCC, the White Paper on the Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change, etc. The Stern Review of the economics of climate change. Include information from the official policies of developed/industrialized countries, like the US and Europe (UK and EU), and of developing/poor countries, like China and India. Include an overview of the differences in the US regions (especially the midwest) and of the state of Indiana. In addition to info from the official policies, include updates/progress information from each country from scientific, peer-reviewed journals and/or news articles. Include current statistics. The names of some of the official documents to use as references include: The UNFCCC, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, White Paper on the Ethical DImensions of Climate Change, the IPCC Assessment Reports, Stern Review, Kyoto Protocol, Chinas National Climate Change Programme, Indias National Action Plan on Climate Change, Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future, Economic Growth from Hoosier Homegrown Energy, etc. Can quote important items from official documents. Find information at these sites: UNFCCC, IPCC, EIA, USGCRP, DOE, etc. Touch on things like foreign dependency, gas prices, national security, efficiency, conservation, deforestation, carbon sinks, land use, government and military use, renewable energy sources, alternatives, hydropower, wind, solar, nuclear, appliance standards, incentives, policy tools, energy sectors, transportation, biofuels, US fuel efficiency standards, chinas one-child policy, Gorges Hydroelctric Dam in China, China largest producer renewable energy/wind turbines/solar panels, rural electrification, smart grids, Obama visiting Allison Transmission in Indiana in April 2011, consumption, production, imports, exports, fossil fuels, peak oil, US and Indiana government electric vehicle fleet, biodiversity, history of climate change/environmental/energy policies, etc. Brief general overviews are okay, but for the most part be as specific as possible. Use specific/current information/research/statistics/etc. Make sure all of the information flows nicely and is organized in a way that makes sense.