Nergy savings Entrepreneurship in Singapore

The assignment should not be more than 4000 words. The word count does not include any material contained within the appendices.

Investigate the potential for the growth and development of energy savings service companies (ESCO) in Singapore and identify key factors and enabling conditions for energy service entrepreneurship.

To include:
” Overview of Singapore s energy sector
” PESTEL analysis
” Industry Analysis
” Marketplace analysis
” Competitor Analysis
” Energy consumption by sectors tables (2008 onwards)
” Analysis of the different types of energy  electrical, biomass energy, hydropower, wind, solar energy,
” Existing policies and regulations on renewable energy and energy efficiency promotion
” Status of Energy Conservation activities
” Potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency
” What are some of the barriers and gaps with a focus on electrical energy savings?

” Define entrepreneurship in Singapore
” Is the Singapore government supporting entrepreneurship?
” Identify key factors and enabling conditions for energy service entrepreneurship.
” Findings and claims
” How other research supports and contradicts your findings
” Conclusion

Include all graphs, maps and tables
Use recognizable business analyzing tools and frameworks  Example: Porters 5 forces analysis, SWOT etc

References examples

This section must list all the books and journals citied in the assignment, they should be in numerical order, matching the numbers allocated within the text. It must contain specific information :


3ANSOFF, HI _ Corporate Strategy, McGraw Hill, New York, 1988

Journal Articles

12  De Sugignnan,G   Bridging the management skills . Finance and Development, Volume 34, issue 9, April 1998, pp 34-35

Websites if applicable