Nergy Security of the European Union and Azerbaijans role

I have prepared my reserch proposal but, neither me nor my superviser is happy abou it. She asked me to change lost of stuff, that i mostly lack of research proposal structure, clearence and etc and etc…… I need my paper to be edited into professional research proposal, from introduction to conclusion. there are no word limit, but the min in 4000 words. just to give you example that my superviser complained that my introduction doesnt follow the criteria, it doesnt explain itself, doesnt flow, also she mentioned my hypothesis is not hypothesis. I just want to prove that AZERBAIJAN IS PLAYING IMPORTANT IN SECURING THE EUROPEAN UNIONS ENERGY SECURITY.
****but First and most importantly is my literature review. I need to have at least 15 literature view. I have done some and i put them in 3 categories, 1)existing 2)proposed 3) others. if you can review some more literatire view on my selected sections that would be great. she especially complained about the existing pipeline, and said that it doesnt loook like literature review. IT WOULD JUST BE AWSOMEEE IF YOU COULD FIND NEW NEW LITERATURE SOURCES TO REVIEW, AND TO ADD THEM TO MY REFERENCES. THANK YOU AGAIN BEFORE HAND, looking forward hearing from you.