Nesthetic Management of the Patient with Aortic Stenosis.

Title of Thesis: Anesthetic Management of the Patient with Aortic Stenosis.

Bibliography format or citation style: American Medical Association Manual of Style, 9th edition (AMA).

The text is to be 16 pages in length and organized in the following manner.

I. Discussion of normal anatomy and physiology of the heart, that focuses most of the attention on the Aortic Valve.

II. Discussion of the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of Aortic Stenosis, which would include citations from the literature review.

III. Discussion of the anesthetic management of a patient with aortic stenosis. Discussiong preoperative care, intraoperative care, and post-operative care. Including pharmacology, monitoring techniques, and diagnostic methods. Approximately half of the paper should cover the anesthetic management of a patient with aortic stenosis that includes valuable information from the literature review. It should include as much specific information as possible.


The reference style and format to be used in the research paper follows, with 2 exceptions, that described in Chapter 3 of the AMA Manual Style, 10th edition. One exception to the AMA style is that references in the text of the research paper should be cited using numbers in parentheses rather than numbers as superscripts. In the text, references should appear immediately after the sentence, group of sentences, or paragraph in which the information is presented. Note, however, that if the author(s) of a reference is mentioned by name in the text, then the appropriate reference number shoud appear immediately after the author name(s).
When more than 1 reference is cited as a given place in the text, the numbers should be listed in series, separated by commas. Consolidate more than 2 consecutive references in a series, eg, use (1-4) rather than (1,2,3,4). Note that the period used to end that sentence appears after the parentheses. Do not assign a new number to the same reference used a second time, and do not assign more than one reference to any number. References should be listed in numerical order, not alphabetically, in the References section of the paper. Single-space within the references and double-space between references.