Nforceability of international and local mediation (UAE)

MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
Coursework Assignment 1 Brief

Module: CDR505 Dispute Resolution and Construction
Date issued: 21 April 2012

Assignment question

Enforceability of international and local mediation outcome may face difficulties in UAE and many other countries. Discuss the enforceability of mediation outcome and provide recommendations to overcome such difficulties.

You should follow the submission procedures outlined in your student handbook
The size of this document should not exceed 3000 words.

1. Clear introduction
2. Logical progression of ideas
3. Smooth transition throughout essay leading to a well-developed argument
4. Persuasive conclusion
5. Word count
1. Accurate use of reference style
2. Relevant use of quotes to support the argument
3. Required quantity of research demonstrated
4. List of references provided at the end of the assignment.

Answered the call of the question
Thoroughness of analysis