NG 105 a LEARY a Paper 1 a a?Representationsa? Assignment(You have to conduct your own title)

ENG 105 a LEARY a Paper 1 a a?Representationsa? Assignment

For this assignment, you are asked to draw from class discussion to construct an original argument about the meaning that emerges from a visual representation of a specific group of people. You are able to select any group; however, the narrower your scope, the better. You must analyze 3 visuals and maintain consistency in the kind of material chosen. Remember, the goal is to interpret a representation or manufactured image of your group. No live-time photographs or context-less visuals are to be utilized. Your analysis should be centered around a single concept, 1) tracing how this concept relates to and structures the image and culture of your group and 2) defining this concept, continuously, on its own terms. Note this is not an issue paper but an analysis of an implicit argument latent in the details of your material. Intentions and personal opinion are thus secondary to what is manifested. Zero description is to figure into your argument. Overall, your written work is evaluated on both the quality and presentation of your ideas as well as your ability to develop and sustain a rich and insightful trajectory of thought.
1 group of visual material for each part of body paragraph, and the media of the visual material has to be the same.(all ad/all video.........etc)

Additional Requirements: 4-5 typed, double-spaced pages; Times New Roman, 12 point font;
1 inch margins; stapled; all images or links/screenshots are to be directly inserted into your text.