NG Topics in Litersture Discssion Board

Read Mary Robisons short story reading beging to jouranl your responses using thw following guidelines and categoies, and prior to writing your pre cis write a journled response fousing on these categories.
1 Journal your first imperssions take time to gather your thoughts to pull together what seems most significant.Include any queations the story may have raised in your mind.
2 Keep a Running Commentary jot down your observations queries, and comments as you read along.
3 Journal your personal response A considerable amount of effective writing about literature dode offer the results of close reading but also gose beyond careful interpretation to the personal response.Focuse on your personal connection to this story
using your journal, produce the following written docments
1 pre cis After reading the text write a pre cis whie remembering to include only the essential detalis Note You will have to read the question and answer section of this part of your assignmment

2 Jouranl summary A summary of the important issue and responses you uncovered while journaling .
post your entire journal entery the journal summary and pre cis to the Disussion Board in your comments on other posting pay particular attention to the diffrence in interpretation and responses what do you think accounts for thses difference?
In your own words pls post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings.