NG2063 Transferable Skills 2 FINAL ASSIGNMENT 2009 Leadership

ENG2063 Transferable Skills 2


Over the past couple of months you have listened to talks on a number of topics from different speakers. Some of these have been on the subject of leadership and teamwork, or on closely related matters. Whilst some people seem naturally gifted with leadership skills (the  born leaders), it is important to grasp that each one of us can recognize and develop our potential in this area. We can do this by observing the key functions that leaders actually perform and then try to imitate them. This so-called  Functional Approach to leadership was pioneered by John Adair, who was a Professor at Surrey in the 1980s. His work is now internationally recognized and widely followed.

In this assignment I would like you to identify a leader who is known to you personally (past or present). Examples include: the captain of a sports team, your boss at work, the head teacher in your previous school/college, your band leader, the chairman of your chess club, etc. If you are active in voluntary or church work, you will have met people in leadership capacities. Some of you have done military service, so maybe one of your senior officers comes to mind. The key thing is that you have direct knowledge of the person and their leadership. (NB: you should not choose a family member unless there is a very compelling reason  e.g. you are Leo Blair  please seek approval before proceeding.)

Having identified a suitable person, I want you to write about their style of leadership  with particular reference to one or more of the available leadership theories. For example: did they pay attention to the task (getting the job done), the team (building/maintaining a group), and the individual (helping team members achieve their goals)? Did they lead by example, or intimidation, or perhaps bribery? Were they good at delegating responsibility / tasks, or did they do everything themselves? Overall, do you consider them to have been a good or bad leader, and why?

The length of your essay should be about 1,000 words.