Ngagement Strategy Presentation and Outline

The request is for 5 power point slides and 2 written pages.

Imagine you and your team members are senior HR leaders at a consulting firm. Recently, the firm merged with a software development company to streamline their process. With this change, unrest has occurred among employees, morale is low, and the firm needs to hire more employees. Your team submits a proposal to the executive board detailing your engagement strategy.

Part One: Prepare an outline of an engagement strategy that helps build the morale and involvement of older employees while structuring the motivation of new employees. Address the following:

A· Motivational theories affecting employee behavior for older and newer employees after the merger. Discuss at least 3 motivational theories.

Part 2: Create a MicrosoftA® PowerPointA® presentation from your outline to convince the executive board to approve your engagement strategy. Each team member must have five slides to present. Use speakeras notes to present additional details.