Ngineering accomplishment-Air traffic control systems

Instruction Sheet
Report on an Engineering Accomplishment
Provide some technical background on the topic, and explain the impact the accomplishment had
on society, on further advances in the field, and, if applicable, on your life. Where possible, also
connect the accomplishment to Canada, or your home nation.
Your writing should be 100% original, although you may include short quotes where essential.
You must use and refer to at least two books or journal articles. When
using online information sources, keep in mind that, especially with historical figures, not all
information online is reliable. Consider the quality of your sources carefully. For this assignment,
Wikipedia is NOT considered an acceptable reference.
Citation/reference format should follow the APA style.
At a minimum, your report should include:
Title page
Report, 4 a 5 pages in length (after cover letter, not including list of references)
Reference list