Ngineering Challenges Assignment Part II

Engineering Challenges Assignment i?? Part II

As you continue your studies to become engineers, there will be times when you need to research technical topics or to search for products for your design projects. You are very familiar with i??openi?? Internet search engines, such as Google, that are available to everyone). In addition the WKU library system offers access to i??closedi?? information databases that you may find useful. i??Closedi?? Internet databases require an access password (your email login information).
One large and useful information database available to you as a WKU student is EBSCOhost (an online reference system for technical journals, regular newspapers, etc.). That is the reference source I want you to use to complete this assignment.
For your concluding research assignment, continue to investigate the engineering challenge topic that you selected from the Challenges I assignment (NAEi??s Grand Engineering Challenges website). Improve your introduction to your chosen topic and find current research that engineers are working on to solve your challenge.
The Engineering Challenges II research assignment should be a two-page paper on your engineering challenge. At a minimum, cite at least 3 reference sources. Two of these references must be found through EBSCOHost i?? not just by surfing the open web. Our text book or the National Academy of Engineeringi??s website do not count toward the three required sources. On a separate page following your two-page paper you must list your references in sufficient detail for the reader to locate them (I will not be particular about reference format), and you must also refer to all references in your paper.

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