Project Report
A final project report (Final exam) is required for this course. Each student will select a petroleum, energy, or mining company and follow its stock market performance, covering those important market and economic news and events. You should research the company stock behavior vs. the price of the commodity involved. The student will track the company share price back-in-time as long as needed to search for both, the stock prices of the company, and the related commodity.

The student will prepare a report following the suggested contents below by using graphs and tables of stock vs. commodity prices, highlighting important management and economic events of the company and the stock market. The student must learn and understand if there is correlation between the company stock and commodity related events and price behavior and give conclusions.

Example of an oil/gas/mine company and its commodity:

Company: Exxon Mobil, Stock symbol, XOM, Commodity: Oil
Company: Newmont, Stock symbol: NEM, Commodity: Gold.

Stock and commodity values can be researched at Google Finance, Bloomberg, etc. Company news and related articles can be found on the internet (feel free to use,, etc.).

Topics that can be used to construct your final report
1. Transmittal letter (1 page)-Cover page
2. Abstract (summary of the report)
3. Introduction (history and background of your company and commodity
4. Procedures, discussions, methodology: explain how did you construct tables, source of data, data manipulation, describe your graphs.
Hint: choose 10 key events in your company, and 5 key events related to the related commodity, highlight this events in the stock vs. commodity graph, and explain each of the 10 key events.
5. Summary and/or Conclusions
6. References
Note 1: a professional, clean, organized, report is very important for your grade.
Note 2: Submit your report as a PDF and email as an attachment to the gmail address provided in the course syllabus

a? Your report must have extensive coverage of the subject.

a? The report must give timetables indicating important company events.

a? The report should include graphs describing stock and commodity behavior (use relative percent changes through the years, to properly compare stock vs. commodity prices).

a? The report should give a narrative explanation of each graph and tables.

a? Stock/commodity quotes should be checked each week during the semester.

a? Graphs showing the price of the stock /commodity quotes obtained during the semester should be included in your report, along with your discussions reasoning why the stock and commodity price acted during previous years (you can go back in time as long as you want in order to properly indicate stock price changes).

Students will submit a 15 pages (minimum) report to the same gmail address provided in the syllabus as PDF with the subject as in the following example:


The report is due during the last week of classes (final due date is the last day of class) Originality, format, clearness, organization, will be heavily counted in your report grade. Use graph figures and tables to illustrate your report. Use the table of contents to base the structure and content of your report (very important):