Ngineering Ethics a Henryas Daughters

1. What is proprietary information? Give an example and elaborate.
2. Was it appropriate for Henry and his daughters to work on the same project for different parties? Why?
3. Are there ethical limits to what the sisters can share with each other about their work? What are they and why?
4. Should Senator Bob have recused himself from the investigative committee? If not, why not? Is there anything that he should have done differently as a member of the committee?

On class we watched a video about Engineering Ethics. Due to the length of the class, the video was played at x1.4 speed. I have language barrier(not native speeker) so I was totally lost. This assignment was based on this video.

this website has the Introduction about the video.


It also has the script.

hope the script has enough information to finish this assignment.
If there is insufficient information, just try your best.

Thank you