Ngineering ethics in genetic engineering on human

Write an academic research paper on a topic related to engineering ethics. It require you to write a position paper (an argument)
on an ethical issue of your choosing. Your argument should
a? identify the ethical issue
a? take a position on it
a? provide support for the position
Forms of support may include some or all of the following:
a? historical evidence
a? quantitative evidence
a? other existing research on the topic
a? discussion of the underlying ethical principles that inform the argument (virtue, utility,
justice, rights)
a? discussion of the professional code of ethics applicable to the subject

Audience and Research
Your audience is an informed academic audience. Your paper is expected to show an understanding
of existing research on your topic and contribute to the body of knowledge in
an original way. The typical structure of a conference paper or other academic research
paper is as follows:
Introduction: Introduces the topic and identifies a specific problem or gap in the knowledge
about the topic (the research question), then introduces the way you will address or
solve this problem in your paper. Sometimes provides an overview of the structure of the
Current situation: Summarizes important research, positions on the topic, or current events
relevant to the topic about the ethical problem. This summary should demonstrate the ethical
problem and its significance. In a technical research paper, this is known as the literature
Discussion/analysis: Presents your case or argument. Here you will argue your position
based on the forms of support listed above. You may also suggest solutions to your problem
here, though you are not required to go into depth on these solutions.
Conclusion: Reiterates your main point, and may suggest directions for further research. In
a technical paper, this section elaborates on the implications of your findings.

the paper needs some sources