Ngineering final year project Does Toyota meet the customer s satisfaction with its operation capabilities?

This is THE FINAL YEAR PROJECT of Engineering (Manufacturing), so please dont only direct to business concept, also need the knowledge of manufacturing in engineering, such as Toyota Production System, Just-In-Time Production, Kanban System, Lean, operation management concepts and Terry Hills Order Winning and etc. Also you need to link the above systems with operation attributes (please find a table has been uploaded)

The project should contain:
-Table of content
-Chapter 1 Introduction (Base theories, Company Background and Aims and Objectives)
-Chapter 2 Literature Reviews (mainly from academic books, journals and etc.)
-Methodology (developed Questionnaires which I will upload to the panel)
-Results and Data Analysis
-Conclusion and Limitation
-References and Appendix

I have already wrote the project proposal and the questionnaire has already agreed by my supervisor, so please based on the informations that I provided to finish off the project! Thanks
However, if you find the questionnaire is not enough to find out the results you want, you can add some more questions.