Ngineering Safety System Report about Microwave Oven

Engineering Safety System Report about Microwave Oven

We study the following book:
Ericson, Clifton A. (2005) Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.
ISBN: 0-471-72019-4

This project report should include an approach to a system that includes a preliminary hazard list, a qualitative hazard analysis, and an accident network analysis (or fault tree) including cutsets if appropriate.

The report should include at least the following:
o Executive Summary.
o Introduction: Description of the system including pictures or diagrams.
o Methods: Description of the analysis steps including a rationale for each progression and choice.
o Discussion and Conclusions/Recommendations: Describe the principal findings and your conclusions and recommendations with support from your analysis.
o Bibliography: List all sources of information used to develop your project (books, journal articles, websites, etc.) following an academic writing style.
o Appendices: As needed to include supporting material for your methods and other detailed information not needed in the main body.

It is a must to use the below text book method analysis in the report analyzing an Engineering Safety System which I would like to have my topic on microwave oven. You must include the description and pictures or diagrams of the system (Microwave Oven) that will be analyzed.

Project Report: must include at least the following analyses:
Preliminary Hazard List
Preliminary Hazard Analysis
Operating and Support Hazard Analysis
Health Hazard Assessment
Fault Tree Analysis
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Barrier Analysis
You may include more methods from our text book as needed to complete the safety analysis of your selected system (Subsystem Hazard Analysis, System Hazard Analysis, etc.).
Reports must be typed using a font size 12, double space, and one-inch margins. Reports must be referenced, i.e., cite the sources of information used to develop the report using an academic writing style such as MLA.
The report should be about 8 to 9 pages including pictures and the rest should be the analysis used. Total pages should be 16 pages.
Please provide me with a copy of all sources used in this paper other than the book (if used).
Im also attaching files to be used as an example of the way this report should be done. Please dont use the same ideas. Just use it as a reference to have an idea of how the report should be written. It is a report on the same system.