Ngiostrongylus cantonensis in Latin America

The Written Report
Students submit a written report and give an oral power point presentation to the class. The written report will provide information and data retrieved by reputable sources, while the oral report will be a summary of that information presented with mostly visual information via power point presentation. The written report should not have maps and pictures in it; these should be presented in the oral presentation. If you feel your written report needs maps, data tables, or pictures in it, the space they occupy does not count toward the 4 page double spaced typed minimum written portion.

Each final report should be no less than 4 (full) pages and no more than 8 pages in length, typed and double spaced. If you want to type a structured report, you can use the following basic outline (most of these categories are not required to appear in your report):

Cover Sheet with Title (required). Titles should be no more than ten words and include the organism name and country/region your report will focus on.

Abstract (not required). Including purpose and brief summary. No more than 150 words. If the abstract is on its own page, any empty space below it does not count toward the min. of 4 pages, double spaced.

Background/History (required). The student should a?classifya? their chosen microbe using Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and species if possible (some organisms donat fit easily into all these groups, i.e. viruses and prions) Including a review of current literature on the topic. Some topics will have a more elaborate history (older diseases like malaria, The Plague, etc.); however, newly discovered diseases may have very little history or background.

Data. This may include global and/or regional maps indicating affected areas, morbidity, mortality, effectiveness of treatment or prevention, etc. When quoting specific dates, percentages, numbers (number of infected vs number of dead, etc.) be sure to quote your source. Any general information (i.e. Malaria is caused by a protozoan and transmitted by a mosquito is not a quotable statement).

Literature cited/References/Bibliography (required). Including at least 3 current (less than 5 years old) references (scientific publication) in correct format (see Bibliography below) and at least 1 must be from a journal or textbook. References must be from peer-reviewed scholarly and professional journals feature articles written by researchers and medical personnel. Understand that it is very possible to read, print, review a a?non-interneta? article on-line, but it will not only have a web address, but a Journal Name, Author(s), Volume, Date, and Pages where it can also be found in the written journal or textbook. The following are good sources of information:
i § The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention <>
i § Medical journals are indexed in National Library of Medicine, PubMed </com/id/36513754/ns/health/) Do NOT just list a website as a reference. Margins, Spacing, and Font: The report must be written in Times New Roman, double spaced, no more than 1 inch borders all the way around, and a font size of 12.