NGL Is vegetarianism a more healthful or a more ethical lifestyle than a meat-eating diet? Find evidence to support your position.

Topic: Is vegetarianism a more healthful or a more ethical lifestyle than a meat-eating diet? Find evidence to support your position.
I am vegetarian (Pescetarian), so my position is against meat-eating.

Essay will be an argumentative-persuasive articles of about 500 600 words on a topic. The student will take a stand on a current issue, and will argue in support of that position. The student must evaluate, select and include appropriate, credible source material to support the argument, documenting in MLA style with parenthetical references and a Works Cited list.

Argument and persuasion are ways of offering solutions to problems we face in our lives. By following certain guidelines, our argumentative-persuasive efforts can be more effective in changing the minds of others and in getting others to agree with our ideas.

1. Attempts to sway (influence) people s emotions have traditionally been called persuasion.

2. Tactics that address people s logic are usually called argumentation.

3. In everyday language, we use the word persuasion to mean any attempt to influence people s opinion or behavior, whether emotional or rational.

4. Argument and Persuasion must focus on the audience; be aware of your audience.

5. Be sure to understand these principles of argument and persuasion: Follow this structure:

” State the issue and put it in a context
” State your thesis (your point of view, solution, stance). (Introduction or conclusion) Position on the issue

Body (3  4 paragraphs):
” Provide well-developed evidence to support your thesis. (Body Paragraphs)

Facts (recent))
Statistics (recent)
Examples (recent)
Testimony (opinions) of experts
(Gather information from reliable sources and personal experience. Copy portions you want to use record documentation info.)
Logical reasoning (inductive and/or deductive)
Ethical appeal
Emotional appeal (Limit this/control this)
(Do your own reasoning)

” Respond to opposing viewpoints (refutation). (IMPORTANT)

” Close with a strong statement of your position. (Your own point of view, solution, or stance.

6. Remember these marks of good argumentation:
” Narrow your topic.
” Respect your audience
” Avoid logical fallacies.

7. Include documentation: MLA style

Please use this web site to find all the sources of articles.
(If you can not log in, please let me know)
Once you decided what to write and found the articles, please send me the thesis statement, work cited and the documentations of all the articles as PDF in separated sheet before you started to write.

I will attach the papers of example.