Nglis Paper Rough Draft of the Compare/ Contrast Essay

500-650 word rough draft of:

1I have to write a Compare/ Contrast Essay but first I need to finish an outline of the draft which I finished he body of it but I need the introduction and conclusion in points as shown in the first page of the word file I will upload.

2I need a rough draft of the points in the outline with the new introduction and conclusion.
The draft is about (Episode 1 on the Simpsons and Episode 1 of Big Love.) for a Compare/ Contrast Essay.
I want the format of the essay to be like this:

Block Method

1. Introduction (1 paragraph)
a. point 1
b. point 2
c. Thesis Statement

Body:(4 paragraphs)

Point1 show1: 1 Paragraph

Points 2-3 show1: 1 Paragraph

Point 1 show2: 1 Paragraph

Points 2-3 show2: 1 Paragraph

Conclusion:(1 Paragraph)