Nglish 100 Argumentative Synthesis Essay

English 100 Argumentative Synthesis Essay

You will choose 2-3 readings in specific categories for this unit which I have posted on assignment instructions. All the readings will examine how social networks are reshaping culture. You will write a synthesis that incorporates commonalities in theme and subject manner among the readings you choose.

Your goal is to compose a synthesis essay that analyzes aspects of the readings and then argues a particular position of your choosing based on the readings. You will need to make claims, support them with solid grounds, and have clear, logical warrants to connect the two. Keep in mind that this is an argumentative essay, so do not simply summarize an issue, you will develop your own argument based on the readings.

You are making claims that will start by being based on analysis and then will logically
incorporate your opinions and positions in an academic, argumentative fashion. You must
support the rationale for your statements and give reasons why. Remember to show your
analysis. Be sure to represent and support your points thoroughly and make clear connections between your thoughts, your analysis, and the source texts. The essay can (and should) include your opinions, so long as you support them with solid analysis. I am not necessarily interested in seeing a unique perspective that has never been offered, but your goal should be to enter into the academic discussion and not just present an overview of an issue. Please maintain the third-person perspective and an academic tone throughout your essay.

The Texts for this Unit (All Posted on Isidore)
PBS Frontline Documentary: Generation Like
Facebook: An End to Endings by Paul Ford
Generation Why?by Zadie Smith — ( the topics )
Say Everythingby Emily Nussbaum
Small Changeby Malcolm Gladwell
What Defines a Meme? By James Gleick

Your synthesis should be 1000-1200 words (4-5 Pages) of typed pages , A Readable
Font, 12 point format. Margins are one inch on all four sides.

Links to readings :