Nglish 101 Body Paragraph and Conclusion

Based from the Introduction paragraph below I need three body paragraphs and one conclusion paragraph. Please write them in accordance to the introduction below and make it good.

Introduction for Prompt:
The year of 1939 was a tremendously memorable year, reflecting the importance of the difficult hardship and adversity many American encountered. After recovering from the Great Depression, Americans were feeling immensely positive about their future and prosperity. Society was slowly progressing and gaining the trust of the people. However, everything suddenly changed, in a season, when the Second World War II begun. This devastating war involved economic downturn and the lives of many soldiers. Thus, this proves it would have been very difficult during that time, in comparison of today. Before the war had even started people wondered about the future and seemed pessimistic. However, the people had a desire to work hard and build their future with opportunities. The World War II was fought between developed countries. Despite the fact the Americans proved of being capable of having powerful air power during the war, the Germans made widespread adequate use of resourceful land vehicles to allow them to rule and conquer numerous terrains from the beginning of the war invasion.