Nglish 102 5 Annotated bibligraphy The immigration policy in Alberta Canada complete as soon as possible!!!


I am doing a full set of final research paper essay. But first of all, my teacher requests me to make a 5 annotated bibliography for the final research paper essay.

My chosen topic for the English final research paper is a The immigration policy in Alberta, Canada.

- 5 Annotated Bibliography
- 5 MLA citations, one per page
- 5 accompanying paragraph review
i?¬ Content a what is it
i?¬ Is it useful for my essay
i?¬ Is it a valid text or resources for my essay

Proper MLA formatting is needed a turn to the Purdue University OWL site

Each page will feature one proper MLA format citation and one paragraph synopsis/analysis.

- Grading 5 possible marks
- Grammar, word choice, correct MLA format a¦etc

Verb tense in quotation -> present tense

All sources must be academic scholarly. Example articles from University.

MLA format that I am looking for

In addition, please provide the link of the resources that you found.

P.S I am not sure how many words it should be. Just fulfill all the requirment is fine. My teacher said each annotated bibliography for one page in total 5 pages. She didnt tell how many words should be in one page so I estimate 750 to 800 in total...Please let me know is thats enough for the progress if not I can add more.

I will upload the requirments to you soon.

If there is any question please contact me as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!