NGLISH 1113 Paper (COMPARISON/CONTRAST)–Two different sports

This paper is to be a comparison/contrast paper. It may employ the technique of subject by subject or point by point or some combination of two. Three must be obvious points of comparison. In a paper comparing two state parks, for example, if trees in the first park are described, trees must also be presented in the second park. No first or second person may be used. Students must make of concrete, sensory detail as discussed in class.

Two different sports (baseball and softball) pick This One Please!!!

The topic selected should be physical in nature. Abstract ideas such as philosophies or religions should not be used.

The paper must be prepared in MLA format as discussed in class. It must be four full pages with at least a few words or a sentence on page 5. Students are expected to proofread their work carefully to avoid sentence, spelling, and grammatical errors. A paper with major problems in these areas will not receive a passing grade.

Papers that do not meet minimum standards for MLA format or paper length will not be accepted.
No outside source are required for this paper but may be used. If used, they will not affect the grade in any way.

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Proofread the paper. Make sure it says what you want it to say.
Make sure the format is appropriate and formal.
Note: As for number of sources, do it as much as you need. It Should be edited for grammar/writing errors before giving it back.

Here is the detail.(see the attachment) Please let me know if you have any questions!