Nglish 1301Summary/Critical Analysis Essay

English 1301
Summary/Critical Analysis Essay
Final Version Due: October 27, Monday Night at Midnight
Write a a?summary/critical analysisa? essay that includes: (a) a summary (approximately 200 words) of an essay and (b) a critical analysis to that same essay in which you speak back to the text from your own critical thinking. As you formulate your own analysis, consider the authoras rhetorical strategies, style, and ideas. When you analyze, you explore how the text tries to influence its readers rhetorically. You may choose one of the essays from The Critical Readera Chapter Four or any reading assigned for Unit 2.
Tips and Reminders: See the introduction to The Contemporary Reader and our English 1301 Study Guide for suggestions regarding generating and exploring ideas for this particular assignment and for helpful suggestions for shaping and drafting both your summary and your essay. Also, consult all the lectures, presentations, and explanations in Unit 2 of our Eagle online site.
For this particular assignment, spending time on additional research is actively discouraged. If you do consult sources, however, you must appropriately acknowledge them.
Format: Adhere to MLA guidelines. Use 11-12 Times New Roman, double space, and have 1 inch margins. You may find the manuscript guidelines on my Learning Web, in our Eagle Online site, on the library site, and in your handbook.
Draft: Students who work their way diligently through the drafting stage craft better essays than those who do not. I encourage you to take advantage of the online tutoring services at as well as those available in the Writing Center. Please send me the feedback you receive from when you use them. I also encourage you to post your draft in the designated spot in Eagle Online to receive feedback from your classmates and me.
Final Version: The final version must be reader-friendly, well-structured, and focused. You must submit the final version of your essay to to receive credit for the essay.
Grading Criteria: I will evaluate your essay, which should be at least 4 pages long, according to the following criteria:
i · applies the techniques of summary writing and critical analysis writing
i · effectively uses the strategies for composing and revising
i · effectively organizes information (if you know what a five-paragraph essay is, please note that such a structure is inadequate to meet the demands of this assignment)
i · employs clear and precise sentence-level rhetoric (grammar and style)
i · integrates sources appropriately and adheres to MLA guidelines for
Please consult your syllabus for late paper policies. Papers that are off-topic or fail to
follow instructions will not be accepted.
Intellectual Honesty:
All work you submit must be your own. If you consult any sources, whether oral
or written, copyrighted or not, you must clearly distinguish between your words and
ideas (or line of thought) and theirs at all times.
Intellectual dishonesty is broadly defined as encompassing any act that a reasonable
person would perceive as either an attempt to get credit for work that was done with
unacknowledged assistance or an attempt to falsify the quality or quantity of work
presented in fulfillment of a course requirement. Intellectual dishonesty includesa but
is not limited toa cheating, collusion, or plagiarism. Collusion involves unauthorized
collaboration with another person or persons in preparing written work offered for
credit. Plagiarism involves the appropriation of anotheras work and the
unacknowledged incorporation of that work in oneas own written work offered for
credit. (Plagiarism, therefore, consists of such activities as submitting as his or her own
work a paper entirely or partly written by someone else; submitting a paper in which he
or she has included without acknowledgment the ideas/exact words of another,
a?revisinga? anotheras work and turning it in as oneas own.)

Topics to write about:
1-Christine Rosens Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism(Reading) URL: article/mirror-mirror-web

3-Noah Berlatskys Twilight vs. Hunger Games: Why Do So Many Grown-ups Hate Bella?”(Reading)twilight-vs-hunger-games-why-do-so-many-grown-ups-hate-bella/248439/

4-Joseph Epsteins The Culture of Celebrity(Reading) URL

5-Michael Hirshorns The Case For Reality TV(Reading) URL: the-case-for-reality-tv/305791/

6-Elizabeth Larkins Reality TV: Should We Really Watch?(Reading) URL-/html?_r0

8-Jeffrey Rosens Privacy Strikes Back(Reading) URL/

10-Rebecca Traisters Return of the Brainless Hussies(Reading) URL: