Nglish 1302: Analytical essay Black Girlwirtten by Sembene Qusmane

Write an analytical essay based on this question:
Sembene Ousmane, in the story, Black girl, write about an Afican girl who accompanies her French employers to France as a maid. While the young woman is initially happy about leaving Africa and seeing France, her outlook changes very quickly once she arrives in France, and she ultimately commits suicide. What does Ousmane want to convey about the idea of racism in telling this story? How does he convey this idea in the story?
No summary the story require, wirte 5 paragraphs.
For pratice, you will be required to integrate 2 pieces of information retrieved from 2 separate outside sources as research:
1. Firstly, include one to two sentences about the author.
2. Secondly, include 1 to 2 sentences about the background of the story, whether it is about the time period, the society, or an important theme in the story such as feminism or the history or fairy-tales.