Nglish as lingu franca in Arab countries : a conversationl aanlysis

I have got two samples formal and informal situations, My analysis is based on differences between them in 1 turn-taking, backchannels, topic shifts, L1 transfer

Added on 02.05.2015 18:10
I am writing for you to let you know four points;
1 Please bear in mind that the analysis should be answer these are my research questions :

1.1 In what ways do Arab use first language transfer when they speak English?

1.2 What are the communication strategies do Arab use when they speak English formally and informally?

1.3 How often do the two group use topic shifting whilst conversation?

2 please use Excel format in analyzing the data, including tables + graphs or pie charts
3 My discussion is based on a comparison, so it is important to present this in the data.
4Please supply me with the brief summary of methodology that is used in the analysis.