Nglish as second language(esl) class essay, pretty much analyze the provided small paragraphs

ESL 25 level

Rough draft

Three pages

Due March 1st

Reading articles attached

Essay Prompt:

What is each authors view of euthanasia? Give specific details from each article to support the author. Elaborate!

Additionally, how would each author respond to one another? For instance, would the authors agree with one another? Disagree? What are specific points and details upon which there would be agreement or disagreement? Do not write a general, She would agree with him, and he would agree with the other author, too. You must identify specific points and details that show the relationship of their point of view.

You can use direct quotations for this essay; however, be sure to explain the significance of the quotes to reinforce how the authors hold opposing or similar views.

You will also need to follow complete MLA format for this essay (we will go over this before the final essay is due).