Nglish Assignment(The lottery by shirley jackson and Chrysanthemums by john Steinbeck)

Respond to 3 topics on the Discussion Board for Attendance Credit. It is expected that your paragraphs will be in the neighborhood of 100 125 words minimum for full credit.
At least one of your paragraphs need to include (but not necessarily based upon) literary research, which will include at least one MLA citation.
It is not essay, so each question needs 100 words.

1. Symbols of America
-Name/discuss some symbols that represent America… past symbols, current symbols, positive symbols, negative symbols… but symbols.

2. Negative ephiany inChrysanthemums”
-Discuss the protagonist and antagonist in Chrysanthemumsand the Epiphanyat the conclusion of the story.

3. The symbol of the Lottery
-What does the a?lotterya? symbolize?
Also, consider what bloody and potentially death producing activities that humans are acculturated into in our society… think of crowds of people and the possibility of imminent death or severe injury.